Snapchat Adds Friendship Profiles, Bitmoji Stories, And Merchandise

Snapchat introduces brand new Friendship Profiles that will celebrate users’ relationships with their close buddies. This feature will dig up some of the highlights of the conversations that you have shared with your closest pals.

Engadget reports that Snap Inc. is also introducing some new Bitmoji-centric features which include Bitmoji Stories and custom Bitcmoji merch that will be sold via Snapchat.

New Friendship Profiles

The Friendship Profiles will surface some things that users have saved with their pals over the course on their time using Snapchat together.

Photos, chat messages, video and more content and anything that users saved in the conversations will be surfaced to remind people of the lovely shared moments.

Of course, this will be shared privately with the users, and their BFFs and the content can be accessed by tapping on friends’ Bitmoji.

Friendship Profiles will start to roll out from now on, and according to Snapchat, they will become available at a global level in the upcoming weeks.

New Bitmoji content

Snapchat is also rolling out fresh Bitmoji content. First of all, there are the Bitmoji Stories which are “comic book-style tales that will star your Bitmoji and feature appearances from your friends,” according to Engadget.

These stories will start appearing in the Discover feed starting tomorrow November 14. The new content will come over the next few weeks. For the moment, they’ll only be available in English.

Snapchat also launches Bitmoji merchandise, and you will be able to plaster cartoon versions of you and your friends on various items including mugs, t-shirts, shower curtains and more.

You can access the merch by visiting the Settings menu in Snapchat and then selecting the Snap Store. The feature will only be available for iOS users in the US.

Snapchat has been working really hard to have all these new offerings for its users.

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