Facebook Outage Hits Users On East Coast – Stock Prices Go Down By 2%

An unknown number of Facebook users have been disconnected from the social media website for a short amount of time yesterday, November 12.

Some users who tried accessing the popular social network have been shown a broken error message that read “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it, and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.”

Outages hit some users on the East Coast and spread really quickly, according to downdetector.com.

Facebook confirmed the incident and resolved it

Users soon took to Twitter to vent or joke, with #FacebookDown trending, and more users have been expressing their need to get a social media to fix in all kinds of humorous ways, including one tweet from the official feed for Dictionary.com.

This one defined Twitter as a noun and a place we all go to talk about Facebook being down.

Also, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that there was indeed an outage and also said that there had been a fix for the problem:

“Earlier today, a routine test caused users to have trouble accessing or posting to all Facebook services including WhatsApp and Instagram. We quickly investigated and restored access for everyone. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

Facebook’s stock prices went down by about 2%, and they reached $141.99 per share.

Facebook admits Portal speakers track our calls

Facebook was in the spotlight recently again when it acknowledged that it monitors both the frequency and length of Messenger calls: “some of this information may be used for advertising purposes. For example, we may use the fact that you make lots of video calls to inform some of the ads you see.”

The Portal device also stores the audio of the requests and Facebook vice-president Andrew Bosworth.made sure to highlight the fact that users can find the stored items in Facebook settings and delete the audio copies if they want to.

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