iPad Pro (2018) First Impressions About Its Design and Features

The iPad Pro usually sets the standards for tablets. This year we had our release for the latest iPad and we are ready to take a closer look at it. From it appears the latest model is ready to surpass all its predecessors.

New design

Apple decided to revolutionize the iPad Pro design and it came with a brand new look. Older tablets still had some of their usual curves. However, the iPad Pro (2018) has a sleek, slim body that makes it look even more high-end. Its thin body can also be an advantage for users, as this means that the tablet takes less space than the others did.


The iPad Pro (2018) comes with a 2,732 x 2,048 resolution screen and it measures 12.9 inches. The display is called “Liquid Retina” and it is one of the best screens we have seen on a tablet lately. Apple did not use OLED panels for this tablet, although we can understand this decision. Using those panels would have made this premium tablet more expensive than it should have been.


There are more versions of this tablet, and each one has a different price. For example, the 11in version has a $799 starting price, while the 12.9in version starts at $999. These are the prices for the 64 GB options. You can also choose to get more storage. There are four options: 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB.


This tablet comes with all the features that you need. It has its Face ID, which was introduced previously by the iPhone X. However, for iPad Pro this feature has been developed. Face ID works for both landscape and portrait orientations. There is also a new Apple Pencil which can be used to “activate” the iPad with just one single tap.

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