Command & Conquer: Rivals 1.2.0 beta

Through this game you will lead your own army to victory in The War for Tiberium. Command and Conquer Rivals represents a competitive game on mobile that features strategy in real time. You will have to battle to take control over your enemy with the Commanders from the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod.

You have the possibility of customizing your army with unique infantry units, a commander and vehicles. Dominate your opponents in one vs. one battles and strategize accordingly to direct your forces towards the path of victory. This game comes with wars that are won by the one who gets control.

Lead your army

Command and Conquer Rivals will have you strategize so that you can use the exact skills meant to determine victory or defeat. Choose the right Commander to lead your forces but choose carefully because each of them holds powerful abilities that can influence your approach and turn the tide of battle.

Create the winning combination of tanks, infantry, aircraft and high-tech behemoths. Make your army suitable for your Commander’s unique abilities, then unleash those formidable vehicles and weapons in all-out war.

Dominate your rivals

You will have to enter one vs. one live battles with other players as you fight for the superiority of the map in real time. Choose to fight for the Brotherhood of Nod or the Global Defense Initiative. Boost your army and restock your supplies with valuable supply convoys. You can complete daily challenges for obtaining massive rewards which will improve your weapons, abilities and Commanders.

You can grow your army with every victory as you climb the game’s leaderboards. So, don’t wait any longer and download Command and Conquer Rivals to enjoy its multiple possible outcomes and various features.

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