Opera Browser: Fast and Secure 48.1.2331.132804 Comes With More Changes

The Opera browser for Android represents a fast, secure and safe way of navigating the web. This browser is more than capable of blocking intrusive ads out of the box and it will also keep you completely up to date regarding what is going around you through the use of the latest personalized news and Opera Mini mode will save you precious data.

Block the ads

Opera ships with an integrated ad blocker which will help your pages to load faster while also saving your data for the content that you are actually interested in seeing.

Browse privately

You can sue private tabs to go into incognito mode anywhere on the internet without worrying about leaving a trace on your device.

Save precious data

Opera Browser comes with the Opera Mini mode which will have you switching to a data-saving mode. Doing this will allow your pages to load faster than ever, even if you are using slow networks. Being powered by the famous compression technology, the Opera browser works really hard to save loads of data without having to break your online experience.

Synchronization and a smart news feed

Allow yourself access to all your bookmarks, Speed Dial shortcuts, and even the open tabs which were opened on your other devices through Opera. You can also swipe through a variety of personalized news channels within this product, subscribe to your favorite channels, and even save some stories to read later.

Other highlights

The latest Opera Browser version comes with a new and lightweight design which will make it easier to find what you need and perform what you went online to do. Another neat feature is represented by the possibility of adding any website directly to your homescreen to access it even faster.


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