Movies Anywhere 1.9.2 Comes With New Content

The Movies Anywhere app gives you the chance to access your movie collection from just one place, thus allowing you to watch the movies you have purchased wherever and whenever you want. Movies Anywhere is the app to use when you want to turn every night in a movie night.


Movies Anywhere won’t ask you for a subscription fee, ever. Create an account with Movies Anywhere completely for free. You will only pay for the movies that you want to watch. You will be able to connect and sync in seconds. Your digital accounts will be synced up easily to bring your movies together.

This is possible from Google Play and other participating retailers, their content being brought on your Movies Anywhere collection in seconds. If you are on your date night or just on a late night, this app has got you covered, allowing you to discover new movies. With over 7,500 movies, which include new releases, you will find a movie for every occasion.

Bring your movies with you anywhere. Movies Anywhere gives you the opportunity of streaming your movies and downloading them for a later viewing session. Regardless of where you would like to go, your Movies Anywhere collection will go along with you.

Watch movies anywhere, as you can probably tell from this app’s name. You can use Movies Anywhere 1.9.2 on your laptop, tablet, smartphone or connected TV as well. Wherever you decide to watch a movie, this app will be there.

New stuff

In order to give you the best Movies Anywhere experience possible, the app’s developers included the following updates. There are new releases on the app, such as The Meg, Mamma Mia or the Incredibles 2. There are some available for preordering as well, like The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, A Star Is Born or Bohemian Rhapsody.

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