BattleHand 1.5.2 Comes With Bug Fixes and Some Interesting Stuff

Join your friends in battle! You will have to recruit your team of heroes as you take on powerful attacks which are meant to defeat the evil minions of Queen Amethyst. BattleHand is quite an addictive and free to play 3D action role playing game.


The dreadful Queen has awoken from her slumber and along with her, the foul creatures that are located right beneath the peaceful land of FellCrest awoke as well. Even in these dire circumstances, you mustn’t lose your hope because all is not lost. The forgotten heroes of the land are back. Those who had long ago put up their bows and swords are now ready to fight in pursuit of honor and justice.

We are talking about some really brave mages, elves and fighters who must collect their ancient weapons, learn the old battle spells again, and come together in order to defeat the evil forces controlled by Queen Amethyst. There are tons adventures waiting for you.


You will find an epic strategy adventure Role Playing Game that is also free to download. Train and recruit an army of powerful Heroes which will carry you towards victory. For each Hero in BattleHand you will be able to unlock and upgrade unique special moves.

Thanks to its multiple battle modes, which include player vs. player challenges and survival modes, you will definitely not get bored. There are powerful cards to be collected, leveled up and evolved as you make your way towards the perfect BattleHand.

Join in on the adventure through mystical lands as you discover new places and destroy ghastly creatures. Your combat strategy will be perfected by using the strengths and the weaknesses of the elements for all of the available Heroes and Villains.


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