Firefox Browser Fast & Private 63.0.2 – More Improvements For Android Version

When you want to experience a smart, fast and personal web browser, try Firefox. This browser is a truly independent one, representing the first of its kind to put the people first. The product made by Mozilla, the one that has been voted as the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. If you upgrade today, you will join other hundreds of millions who depend on Firefox for living a more personal browsing experience.

A fast browser for you

Firefox has been made with your personal experience in mind as it will give you the power to take back the control over your experience on the web. That is why Mozilla designs the product with smart features which manage to take the guesswork from the browsing process.

Search smarter and faster

Firefox is more than capable of anticipating your needs and it will provide multiple suggestions intuitively, choosing from what you previously searched for or looking at your results from your favorite search engines. Every time you use it, you will have it easy to access shortcuts which will carry you to the search providers such as Twitter, Amazon or Wikipedia.

Next Level Privacy

The level of your privacy has been upgraded. Browse privately with the help of Tracking Protection, a feature that can block parts of web pages that may track what are you doing while browsing.


If you have a Firefox Account, then you can use it to access your history, bookmarks or open tabs from your desktop on your tablet or smartphone. Another neat thing that Firefox has is the ability of also remembering safely your passwords across devices so that you won’t have to. Its intuitive visual tabs will allow you to find content easier than ever.


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