November Security Update Solves Critical Issues from Android Systems

The security bulletin released by Google in November brought important news for devices ran by Android operating systems. Users were happy to notice that the update, which was available starting from November 5th, fixed some burning RCE (remote code execution) matters and took note of the other vulnerabilities.

We shouldn’t be surprised that the update had such a positive impact. Google had been testing a pre-released version of it from October. Initially, the event, also known as OTA (over-the-air), was confidential, because developers built the update for internal use.

The security update was necessary because Android Nougat and Pie were affected by critical RCEs and EoPs

Ever since the last versions of Android Nougat (7.0) and Pie (9) were released, users identified some bugs which were seriously affecting their operating systems. Most commonly, both versions of Android, which operate Pixel and Nexus handsets, were impacted by critical RCEs. These vulnerabilities could have caused information leaks from the affected OS.

Six glitches were found threatening the safety of online operations and received a more severe safety control. One of the most important vulnerabilities spotted in the operating systems was that flaws could be exploited remotely.

Also, they could reveal information which wouldn’t be available without local permission. Many devices were affected by this problem, so Google really needed to fix it.

Bugs from the Qualcomm components were fixed as well

Smartphones which operate on the mentioned Android versions were affected by bugs in the Qualcomm components also. Three of them were very severe, because were affecting the SIM card’s functionality, buffering videos and interfered with the biometrics component – the fingerprint code could become unknown.

Security issues made Google drop the media library. This happened because 18 threats were discovered here. Android devices which run the November security update will have the library removed from them.

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