Gmail Release Allows You To ‘Undo Send’ Something You Sent Wrong

We all heard about Gmail probably, but let us put some things into perspective. Gmail represents an email application that is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Allow yourself to have more time for important tasks by saving some through the use of this app. Another huge benefit which is guaranteed by Gmail and its developer is the fact that it will keep your messages safe.

Gmail is the client to use when you want to get important messages delivered to you instantly through its push notifications. You can read your emails and respond to them online and offline, with the mention that your emails will be sent once your phone connects to the internet. Last but not least, Gmail allows you to find any message quickly, even if you would otherwise have to dig for days.


The first thing you will notice and from which you will draw a benefit is the organized inbox. The messages dealing with promotions or social activities will be sorted and placed into particular categories, which will leave the messages from family and friends right in front of you to read them in peace.

Then, Gmail guarantees that you won’t be bothered too much by spam. That is possible because Gmail will block this kind of stuff before it ever hits your inbox in order to keep your account safe and free from any form of clutter.

Free storage is another huge factor that weighs down in favor of Gmail. With 15 GB of storage you won’t have to worry about which messages you should delete to save space. Finally, multi account support. Through the Gmail app you can use both Gmail addresses or non-related addresses, such as Yahoo Mail or Outlook.

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