Xiaomi Reveals $30 Apple AirPods Clones – The AirDots Feature Similar Functionalities

Xiaomi is pretty famous for its simple and less costly accessories and also is phones.

The company’s newest efforts are really eye-catching, and they’re materialized in AirPods-style wireless earbuds that are priced below $30.

The AirDots have similar features to Apple’s product

These are called AirDots, and they feature similar functionalities as Apple’s products. These also include tappable controls, and a compact charging case as well.

But, on the other hand, unlike AirPods, the AirDots have silicone tips that can allow for better sound isolation and also a more secure fit. They support Bluetooth 5.0 as well.

You can pre-order such gadgets at about $29 in China, but as you can imagine for yourself, it’s quite unlikely that AirDots would be able to match the AirPods in audio quality or overall performance reliability.

According to reports, not even Oppo’s O-Free wireless earbuds, which sell for 699 yuan (about $100) and offer the most AirPods-like experience of any similar products available are not able to come close to the original.

Wireless earbuds could be included in the smartphones’ boxes soon

What’s clear on the other hand is the fact that the tech for wireless earbuds will continue developing to the point in which they become a part of the box in which phones come pretty soon.

Xiaomi itself announced a $15 wireless charger earlier in the year, and now it’s part of the package you get with the new Mi Mix 3 phone.

Speaking of the Mi Mix 3 phone, this is the latest entry in its series of full-screen flagship phones.

The Verge highlights it as “yet another high-end Chinese device with a huge screen-to-body ratio achieved by hiding the front-facing cameras on a sliding mechanism — no notch required. Unlike the Vivo Nex or Oppo Find X, however, the slider isn’t powered by motors.”

CEO Lei Jun compared the design to some older sliding phones and suggested that playing with it would turn out to be more than relaxing.

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