Boom Beach 35.158 Comes With Improvements And Minor Bug Fixes

Boom Beach is the type of game where if you don’t come with a plan, then you better be prepared to leave in defeat.


In Boom Beach you will have to fight the evil Blackguard by using both your brain and your brawn. This game comes with some epic combat strategy characteristics which will have you attacking enemy bases to free enslaved islanders and unlocking the secrets that dwell deep inside this tropical paradise.

If you are so inclined, you can join other players coming from all over the world into creating a Task Force meant to take on the enemy together. Boom the beach but only after you thoroughly scouted and planed ahead.

Important note

Boom Beach is a game that can be downloaded by anyone on their mobiles without paying a fee. However, there are some items inside the game which can also be purchased in exchange for real money. Those who don’t want to have anything to do with this feature will have to set up their password protection for purchases in the Google Play Store app’s settings.


You will become able to play with millions of players coming from all over the world as you raid hundreds of enemy bases for precious loot. You have to battle for control over precious resources to upgrade your base against enemy attacks.

You can explore the huge tropical archipelago and discover the mysterious power that comes with the Life Crystals. You will have to go head-to-head with fearsome Blackguard bosses and discover their evil plans.

When things prove to be too much you can join other people in forming an unstoppable Task Force meant to take on co-op missions. So, don’t wait any more and download this incredibly fun game.


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