Top 3 VPNs That Offer the Best Discounts during Black Friday

Finally, Black Friday is only a few days away. It is the most awaited sale day for shopaholics from across the globe to crack the best deals on their favorite products. Similarly, it is the day when VPN users look for the best VPN deals so they can fetch their favorite VPN service at an insane discount.

Black Friday is celebrated every year in the 4th week of November, on a Friday that following Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday is going to be celebrated on November 23, 2018. People from all around the world are anxiously waiting for this day to get their hands on the best deals ever. In fact, over the last few years, we have seen millions of products and services being offered at up to 85% discounts.

So, to help you get the best possible deal on a VPN, we will first help you understand why a VPN is a must for you. Secondly, we have also compiled a list of top VPN services that offer the best Black Friday VPN deals.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

Though virtual private networks are being used by millions of people, there are still some uninitiated who are partially or totally unaware of the many necessary benefits offered by VPNs.

VPN services offer security and anonymity, which is something we seriously lack on the internet. For instance, we have seen news on how intelligence agencies were exposed to be using security exploits to eavesdrop on our online communications and messages. Likewise, we have seen data retention laws sprouting across Europe over the years that are hell-bent on killing users’ right to privacy.

A VPN service tackles all these problems with its highest grade encryption technology and high-volume of anonymous IP addresses. Apart from enjoying best online security and anonymity, users can safely expect more from a VPN, including:

·       Bypass geo-restrictions and safely unblock their favorite online games and streaming services

·       Get past restrictions in countries that practice stringent Internet censorship

·       Ensure seamless online gaming by preventing DDoS attacks, carried out by nefarious players

·       Kill speed throttling forced by ISP services

·       Keep their device protected against malicious threats like malwares, viruses or MITM attacks

Top VPNs That Offer Best Black Friday Deals

Now that we have learned about the VPN and its needs, let’s wait no further and get straight to the best deals:


PureVPN is an elite player in the VPN industry that boasts excellent features, best functionality and highest ratings on top reviews platforms such as Trust Pilot. The VPN service only rolls out a few deals throughout the year, so you should not miss out on its Black Friday deal. In fact, PureVPN is among the rare few gems that offer mega discounts that go as high as 80%. You can find their Black Friday VPN discount on the VPN service’s 1-year plan, 2-year plan and, if you get lucky, you might get a 3-year plan at a fraction of the cost. Download PureVPN with the latest offers.


SurfShark also enjoys a good reputation in the VPN industry, mainly because of its powerful features and fastest servers. It might be the only VPN in the industry we know that offers unlimited multi-logins, aka simultaneous connections. Anyway, the VPN provider also offers incredible discounts on its premium plans every Black Friday. The discounts can shoot up to 50% off on its 12-month plan and 70% on its 24-month plan.


ExpressVPN is a name that doesn’t require any introduction. It is a premium VPN provider with a pricing structure that’s higher than rest of the VPNs in the industry. Yes, you heard that right. If you check the prices of the VPN service during regular days, you might be scared off due to its cost. However, it is a service that is worth the price that it charges. Luckily, you can get up to 35% off on its premium plan this Black Friday.

Wrapping Up

Black Friday comes but once in a year. Similarly, it also brings super discounts that you can never find at any other time during the whole year. Therefore, it is best to grab the Black Friday VPN deals and not to miss out on the opportunity to get a premium VPN account at an insanely low price.

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