Fortnite – Players are Sent to a Crazy Void Through the Gorgeous Cube Event

On Sunday, Epic Games delivered after teasing Fortnite players up for a colorful Cube event. The game’s developers introduced to us one of the most theatrical moments this free battle royale game has ever seen.

What happened?

Those who were playing at 10 a.m. PT were able to see the floating cube that has constantly been on the map during the Halloween event in Fortnite start spinning faster and faster and it eventually blew up into a bright white light that overtook all online screens.

As the white light started to subside, players found themselves floating around in a white void without any weapons and no sight of the island. Then, over each of the players a crystal-like butterfly flew and when a player’s character reached out to touch it one more white light overtook the screen.

This time, however, the players found themselves back above the slightly modified Fortnite island as they parachuted into another match.

An amazing event

The full clip of what we just wrote about can be found online, if you wish to have the visuals of the story. The event on Sunday marked the end of the Fortnitemares modes, that added monsters and zombies into many of the matches from the game.

Players were shocked and took over the web with several reactions to the event, which included videos and screenshots of their characters during their time into the void.

In a tweet released last week, Epic Games teased something that advised people to be online for the end of the event. Now you know what that meant, but people speculated that it would be the end of Kevin. He was born after a lightning strike created him near Paradise Palms. Now we have cyber-butterflies to deal with.

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