Will PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Be Released For PS4?

A new exciting rumour is flying around the Internet. It appears that PUBG might be coming to PS4 in the future. The information was found on the Korean ratings board website for PS4 and it was also published on Twitter by a user named Nibelllion.

Even if the information is real, we do not have any other additional details. For example, we do not know if the release will take place by the end of the year, or if we will receive PUBG in PS4 at the beginning of 2019.

PUBG is available on various platforms

We wouldn’t be surprised if PUBG would receive a PS4 release, since it is already available on multiple platforms. Gamers can play it on PC, Xbox, and even on mobile devices. At the moment Microsoft owns exclusivity rights and it is hard to tell when their exclusivity period will finally expire.

The campaign that aims to improve PUBG

We should also remember that back in September PUBG left Early Access on Xbox One. After this happened, Xbox One players also received the Sanhok map According to developers, players will receive an enhanced experience, and bugs and errors will disappear, thanks to the “Fix PUBG” campaign.

This campaigned is mostly aimed at players who use Xbox or PC, and it focuses less on mobile players. The objectives of the campaign are important and we might even receive notes related to a possible P4 release.

It is hard to say for sure whether PUBG will be released for PS4 any time soon. However, the fact that it popped up on the Korean ratings board website for PS4 can represent a good sign. PUBG is a highly popular game, so making it accessible on another platform would represent another step forward for it.

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