GO SMS Pro – Messenger, Free Themes, Emoji 7.81 Optimizes the Operation Experience

GO SMS Pro is being used by nearly 100 million people who chose it as the number 1 messaging app to replace standard SMS. This brand new messaging app is intuitive, easy to use, personalizing and fun as well.


GO SMS Pro is accompanied by lovely stickers, beautiful themes, pop up windows, private box, GO Chat (in which you will be able to send MMS and SMS), dual SIM support and so on. Its developers are committed to making this app faster, safer and filled with tons of great features which will turn messaging into something more fun and efficient than ever.

Free features

You will benefit from hundreds of personalized themes and lovely stickers that will keep increasing in numbers. You will have your own private box to protect your privacy through encrypting messages.

This app will help you focus on truly important contacts through sticky conversations which will place them at the top. New messages will pop up for quick viewing and replying. Dual SIM matching makes this app able to support over 8,000 dual SIM devices (also, the number will keep increasing).

Its SMS Blocker will efficiently block keywords or blacklists and filter spam messages as well. The delay to send feature translates into an extra opportunity of making sure that you are not sending the wrong message. Messages from strangers will be folded, meaning that the app will automatically categorize these conversations and keep your inbox as simple as possible.

The Avatar popup will show you the contact avatar above all apps as new messages will start to appear and when an unknown caller will try to reach you, the app will identify it and block them if they prove to be spam.

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