The Physics of Fallout 76 to Be Tied to the Game’s Faster Framerate

We all know that we move faster if the framerate is faster. It’s actually logical. But, it’s all fun and games until we’re talking about the multiplayer-only releases, like Fallout 76. Single-player games are way easier to handle, but when it comes to this games, entering a few lines of code is not exactly easy when you want to change a player’s framerate.

Fallout 75’s beta version has issues

We know for sure that, by default, the Fallout 76 beta’s version of the game has the framerate locked down, and that’s a thing that you cannot change for sure. However, when it comes to the PC version, games have found out that, if they simply change some lines from the game’s .ini file (it’s exactly as gamers do for the other games from Bethesda, like Skyrim), they can speed up the framerate and, also, the rest of the physics from the game. Isn’t that amazing?

When talking about single player games, you can do this simply as a way to pass the time, or make new videos for your YouTube channel. However, when talking about the multiplayer game, it’s good to have different players that can move at different speeds – as good as a disaster can get. Bethesda know what’s going on and they are aware of this problem. They don’t Polygon that they cannot fix it until the game gets launched. We cannot say anything but good luck to those of you who are playing the game right now. Try to make the most out of it until the game gets released and the problem gets solved.

Bethesda has warned us of the fact that they’re open to some kind of issues that they have not encountered until now, they told us right when the beta version made its appearance.

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