Apple iOS 12.1 – Apparently, there are some problems coming with it

The latest version of the iOS, the 12.1 update, was just recently launched by Apple and it represents the first major upgrade to the 12th operating system. It seems to have brought along some important fixes and major new features. We are using ‘seems’ because it also comes with a serious problem.

What is this problem you mentioned?

The iPad and iPhone owners must be aware that, by upgrading to the iOS 12.1, might make it easier for hackers to get inside their phones by simply making a phone call. What’s worse is that it seems that almost anyone can do it.


The flaw resides in lockscreen security and it enables anyone to go past Face ID or Touch ID on your device and look as much as they would like at all your contact information. Jose Rodriquez is a security researcher and he was the first to point out that anyone can call your iPhone from another iPhone and, once they do that, the call is switched to a FaceTime video call and once the ‘Add Person’ option is accessed will bring up the full contact list of the device.

After this is done, the 3D Touch feature is used on any contact and all their data is revealed – phone number, email address and more. This flaw is specific to the iOS 12.1 upgrade as it can’t be found on any other versions of the operating system.

The irony

The worst affected ones seem to be the premium iPhones since they come with 3D Touch, while the cheaper models like the iPhone SE, iPhone XR, and the older iPhone 6 don’t share this function. The biggest worry, however, is how easily this hack has been discovered. It took Rodriguez just two hours to expose it.

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