Impressive iPhone 11 Independent Concept Proposes Bold Changes

The iconic notch of the iPhone X marked a bold new change for the iPhone. Some fans loved it, some fans still hate it with a murderous passion and the competition was quick to copy the design. If you take a look at the most of 2018’s flagships, you are likely to spot the notch on almost every offering.

This year’s iPhones brought major hardware updates while keeping the successful design of the iPhone X. Some believe that Apple may be working on a complete revamp for the iPhone 11 and an independent designer revealed the ideal iPhone according to his vision.

Brave new looks

Several sources have already claimed that Apple will reduce the bezel dimensions on the 2019 iPhone models along with some front camera updates. Antonio De Rosa, a distinguished concept designer, has released renders that present what many would deem to be the perfect iPhone.

The designer opted to maintain the iconic notch but moved into the top-left corner of the terminal, arguing that the change would maximize screen real-estate. The display itself is massive, at 6.7- inch and sports an impressive 3000×1386 resolution.

A stylus was one of the most acclaimed additions as fans have been asking for an Apple Pencil equivalent for the iPhone( or at least compatibility) since the accessory was first launched.  The stylus fits inside the device and uses low-energy Bluetooth in order to offer some interesting functions, like waking your device without touching the power button.

Ambitious camera

In order to remain competitive, the concept proposes a five-camera array on the back of the device. Four 12 sensors are arranged in a cross pattern, with the led positioned under the lowest camera. An additional 20MP zoom camera is also integrated while advanced AI will be able to create incredible pictures.

Apple could use some design elements concepts and while a five-camera setup isn’t likely the company could experiment a little with the design of the device.

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