Apple Pencil 2 – Rumors about various Features

There are a lot of rumors going around talking about Apple working on the second-generation Apple Pencil. Apparently, it will feature a new design, support for gestures, and a new charging method, if we listen to what the leaker Benjamin Geskin had to say.


Geskin is a leaker that sometimes proved to have accurate information about some Apple plans sourced from Chinese social networks. He is currently saying that the upcoming Apple Pencil will feature a layout that will prove to be more minimalistic, losing the silver band at the top.


The Pencil will attach through magnets to the side of the freshly released iPad Pro models. There are some voices saying that it will feature a new charging method, although there are no further details on what this charging method might be. There is a possibility that the accessory will be capable of charging wirelessly when it is docked to the iPad Pro. The chances are high, especially now that Apple eliminated the Lightning port.

Previous rumors

The old Apple Pencil rumors spoke about the chance that this accessory will feature a new pairing method as well, becoming able to connect to an iPad Pro device wirelessly. This would look like the AirPods way of connection and not like a physical alternative, being in line with the rumors speaking about a new charging method.

Another possible feature of the new Apple Pencil will support tap and swipe gestures. This rumor is supported by the code found in iOS 12.1 shared in 9to5Mac by Guilherme Rambo this weekend. Through these gestures, iPad Pro users will become able to do things like changing the color or the size of a brush within a sketching app.

The full details will soon be found out as we expect this product to arrive during the event scheduled on the 30th of October.

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