Fortune City – A Finance App Comes With a Currencies Feature Update

Do you want to learn more about finance but not to get bored in the meantime? Fortune City is the way to go. You can grow a city and track your spending. This finance app gamifies bookkeeping by simulating a city as a fun game. You can observe your expense habits and watch as your city prospers into a beautiful metropolis. Just as a side now before getting into details, accounting firms like Cooper Parry recommend this app.


You will acquire good budgeting habits through tracking your income and expenses. This will allow you to invest your personal fortune into a flourishing city.

Have fun and learn at the same time

Gaming can make anything fun. You will even get hooked on record expenses so that you can acquire good habits while observing your city grow and develop. You can track your spending and sort transactions through simple taps.
Cashy the Cat, the Chief Financial Officer of Fortune City, needs your help. Join him, and together you will grow your city into a prosperous metropolis.

Expenses are easy to analyze

Fortune City comes with an intuitive interface which will let you to check your expenses and income at a glance. Bar charts and pie charts will enable you to understand your spending habits quickly.

Both short and long-term budgeting and goal setting are viewed through the displaying of weekly, monthly, and seasonal trends.

Your own metropolis

You can build your city any way you like it. There are over 100 types of buildings to choose from, among friendly citizens and unique transportation options. You can invite other citizens to become part of your metropolis, and the happier they are, the more flourishing your city will be.

You will compete with your friends to see who can develop the most flourishing city, as your ranking increases as you progress.

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