GBWhatsApp V7.60 – Here’s What You Can Do With It

The latest official version of GBWhatsApp – v7.60 – requires that you have at least Android 4.0 installed on your device so you can install it. Good news! You can install it even on a non-rooted Android device. So, even if you don’t like to hear about rooting your device, you can still get this app. It also works with the official WhatsApp version.

Download and Install it

The most recent update for GBWhatsApp can be acquired in the form of an APK from since you can’t come across it on the Google Play Store. Once you finished downloading it, tap on it to open and begin installing it.

Take note of the fact that before you can install the app, you must turn on the option of allowing apps to be installed from unknown sources.

To make this adjustment on your phone, you have to go to ‘Settings’, then to ‘Security’ and scroll down until you reach the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. Check the box to its side, and you are good to continue.

Move Conversations from WhatsApp

First, create a backup of your WhatsApp chats to make sure that you keep your old messages. Then go to ‘Chats’, ‘Settings’, and tap ‘Backup chats’. Before you install GBWhatsApp, it may be best not to have WhatsApp on your device.

Uninstall it, don’t clear the data, and install GBWhatsApp on your Android mobile. The chats you previously backed-up are now restored by using this APK.

Restore the Backup

First, you have to head to your device’s File Manager. Then, look for the ‘Storage’ folder and open it. It may be external or internal, depending on what you chose beforehand. Find the ‘WhatsApp’ folder and rename it to ‘GBWhatsApp’. Once this is done, a folder named ‘Media’ appears. Each folder containing ‘WhatsApp’ must be changed to ‘GBWhatsApp,’ and that should do it.

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