Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus Enhances App Security

Webroot is a product that acts as an antivirus, provides internet security and protects your identity. It will keep you safe when you browse, do internet banking or shop online on your Android device.


Webroot obtained 100% malicious app detection and is also AV-TEST Certified.

There are over 1.5 million mobile devices that are protected by it, so you may as well get certified protection now.


Webroot is capable of scanning apps for viruses and malware automatically, keeping you protected at all times. Speaking of this, you can set it and literally forget about it since it provides continuous protection without draining your battery, slowing down your device or interrupting specific processes.

Also, Webroot can identify anti-phishing in real time, and it blocks any fake website that tries to trick you into giving up your personal information.

Before you risk entering an infected website, Webroot will promptly warn you about it.

We live in a day and age when your phone number can find its way into the wrong hands. Webroot can block any unwanted text messages or calls so that nobody will bother you. Facebook and Twitter are just a couple of the social networks which Webroot protects.


PCWorld named it one of the best free Android apps featured on their site. PC Magazine said that “Webroot offers advanced features not found in competing products.”

“Best of the security applications for Android phones,” stated Tech of Web, while Uberphones considers that Webroot is a must for Android users.

Paid features

Of course, Webroot comes with some premium security features as well. They are:

SIM Card Lock – when you remove your SIM card, your device gets locked immediately.

Device Wipe – if stolen or lost, your device will have its data erased remotely.

Network and Battery Monitor – app details and battery status.

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