RDR2: Companion 1.0.0 Helps You Find Your Way In The Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion is a helpful app which you can connect directly with your Xbox One or your PlayStation 4.

How does it work?

As you make your way through the game, it will deliver you an interactive map in real time, with zoom and pan functions. This will help you explore and discover throughout the enormous open world.

Besides acting as a helpful map, the Companion will deliver you an in-game Journal, an optional comprehensive strategy guide, and the full game manual among others.

Map tracking

You will be able to find yourself on the map, set checkpoints, find the closest General Store, hide from posses, track down enemies and more. It is only possible through this real-time, full-screen view of the game’s map that will be connected directly to your gaming console.

Zoom and pan functions will let you explore, spot Gang Members easily, find Wanted Areas and other vital locations. As you progress through the game, some essential points of interest will be unlocked. They will help you find Hotels, Gunsmiths, Camps, Fences, Saloons, Stables, Post Offices, Doctors, Tailors, and many more.


With a game that already lets you dive deep inside its story, this Companion will act as an even more immersive experience, turning off elements found on your main screen, such as player attributes, mini-map, cash balance. They will be displayed only in the app.


As you probably know, Arthur Morgan keeps a journal in which he writes his experiences. When you connect the Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion to the game, you will become able to read the entries and illustrations as new pages are introduced inside the Journal.

Official Digital Guide

Last but not least, the Companion will provide you with the Official Guide for the game, coming packed with information regarding every detail of this epic tale.

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