Citizen 0.918.3 Comes With Bug Fixes And Improvements

As we speak, Citizen’s developers look towards expanding the app’s range as soon as possible.

That’s because, for the moment, Citizen 0.918.3 can be used just by the people living in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.

What does it do?

This will be an extremely helpful app. Joining Citizen will grant you access into a safety network. What this means is that you will receive instant updates containing information relating to crimes happening around you.

How will I find out?

The technology incorporated inside Citizen works by sending you push notifications in real time as a way to alert you about crimes that are happening in your proximity.

What’s the feedback?

According to the app’s designers, there are a lot of users that write to them daily about how Citizen managed to change their ways of interacting with their neighborhoods.

How did Citizen help?

The notifications sent by Citizen prompted people to escape from burning buildings, prevent school buses from leaving schools when a terrorist attack took place nearby, and even rescue babies that were trapped inside a hot car.

Faster than the police

It is possible to receive a notification about a crime being carried out even before the police could respond. The purpose of Citizen 0.918.3 is to protect you and keep you safe. Those choosing to use it should do so responsibly.

Alerts in real time

The notifications you receive are based on your current location. They might help you to avoid getting too near to a potentially dangerous situation.

Video Live

You will gain the opportunity of going live from the scene or watch from various angles as incidents unfold.


When an incident is happening near you, you will receive constant updates, and you can even chat with other Citizen users.

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