Fortnite – New Halloween Event Released With Some Issues

It almost seems like every day brings a new Fortnite patch along. This morning brought one as well, v6.20, which is notable for introducing Fortnitemares, the Halloween event of the game. While the event content is now back and working, players began to experience problems after its launch.

What happened?

Just after it was launched, Fortnitemares had people complaining about several issues, which included long matchmaking times, as soon as they tried to play the game. After a few hours, the developers removed the event altogether. At around 11 a.m. the event was back online and running without problems.


At around 7 a.m. this morning, Fortnite announced via Twitter that “we’re aware of an issue causing some players to experience long queue times.” Epic Games saw that the problem persisted and after a couple of hours, they decided to take down the whole thing until they properly fix the problem.

They announced that “we have disabled Fortnitemares in Battle Royale while we investigate issues with matchmaking.”


This event introduces monsters that spawn from cube fragments scattered across the game in both Save the World and Battle Royale modes. The event has players skip fighting one another; instead, they focus on killing the new creatures for in-match rewards and stat buffs.

By doing so, they are also taking care of challenges which will unlock new cosmetics. Halloween is only a week away, and due to the game’s immense popularity, people really look forward to this event.

Not the first error

Epic had problems with new features in the past. The most notorious example would be the shopping carts fiasco which had these items added, removed and reintroduced every few days back in June.

For now, Fortnitemares works and let us hope that it is not going to fail again.

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