Zip Data Loss: Windows 10 1809 Bug Gets Fixed

The new Windows 10 version, the 1809 update it does not look like an improvement as users are faced with some issues. It looks like Microsoft missed the data-deletion bug while testing it before launch.

There are still some users who are the not so proud owners of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, but they have probably not seen that the built-in zip tool does not work like it is supposed to.

One user or 1809 said on Reddit that the ‘Do you want to replace these files’ dialog that is usually on Windows 10 is missing. That dialog comes up when one is copying from a zip archive to a common folder where there is another document named the same.

What we know is that the issue does not affect third party zip tools and that only the built-in zip tool which can be found in Windows File Explorer is having problems.

When a lot of files are transferred at once, it is important for that dialog to do its job and pop up. That dialog window gives the user the possibility to choose whether they want to skip replacing the file, replace the identical file, or compare the information that both files include before taking any action.

Non-identical files can easily be unintentionally overwritten if this dialog window does not come up.

According to another Reddit user, the zip archive problem works differently for others. When they were copying from zip, it looks like the files are being copied, and the transfer progress is even indicated by Windows File Explorer.

After that is complete, the destination folder is still not updated. Because the information that users receive is wrong, they might delete the zip archive without checking and lose everything.

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