How to Improve your Clash of Clans Experience

Clash of Clans is a simple game that even kids can play with minimal instructions to grow a village and start wars. It will make you play a consistently amount of time being fun to play along with your friends as well.

This game requires collecting many resources and units of storage by creating your own strategy. These resources will improve your experience in the game, gaining level.

In order to level up in rang, build an army, you will battle with other players and focus on collectors such as Gold and Elixir. Your Town Hall will limit the amount of collectors but you can level up it to get a bigger capacity. But at the beginning of the game, you have to storage a wide range of resources to upgrade the Town Hall.

There is a resource generator tab where you can see information about the rate at which Gold and Elixir are produced. This will ameliorate the numbers of time you open the game to check on your update of the clan work and progress. By dividing the rate per hour by the total to get the hours until each system is full.

If you get addicted to progressing in the game, but without playing nonstop, you can set alarms by predicting the time when collector are full.

By growing in range you will build a bigger base by expanding your walls. The enemy can wreak havoc inside your village if you do not close all the walls, which can damage your town. If you secured everywhere with walls, without leaving gaps, the enemy has to start a war from outside the village. A good strategy is to also construct outside the walls to put it at a further distance from the soldiers sent from the opponent. If the army travels a long distance it will make it more vulnerable and weak in the fight. You can also use whatever you think is best, traps and e defense turrets to give a hard time for the enemy to come closer to your base.

In Clash of Clans you can get shield time, which is a perfect time to settle your village and army for the future wars. You can purchase it or receive it from the game if you lose a battle, as recovery time. In any case, they last the same; if you start a war by attacking an enemy the time is up. So you need to use this time of protection to develop.

.By clearing your map of 40 obstacles will gain you Gems and experience. The obstacles are random in each map for example cutting trees. There are also holiday themed obstacles same as Gems boxes. These boxes come with 25 Gems, Gold and the Gem box, getting you to reach achievements. So it is a good idea to clear around while waits on an upgrade. If you clear your land patch you also use resources but make space for the buildings. It is a win-win if you consider the Gems you receive or gift boxes.

Use your horde to attach Goblin villages, even if you do not win any trophies, but you get cash. You can attack the village with the shield time on but only in the single player mode. By doing the missions in the single player mode you learn to use new battle strategies with the real opponents. These Goblin villages are designed completely different from a human player, having different set strategies in building types and accessing in the village through more walls.

Always place your Mortar turrets in places where it covers a large area of protection for your village, as they are very helpful if you play it correctly. The disadvantage is that they do not make a big damage to the opponent soldier before it gets damaged.

The Clan Castle is made up with soldiers from your other clansmen, where there are only troops you can request for help in a battle. By gaining level you can have a larger number of troops you can train and request. Everyone in your clan should request troop as many times as possible.

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