iPhone XS Max vs. Google Pixel 3 XL – A Battle Between Giants

The battle between the iPhone XS Max and the Pixel 3 XL continues as benchmark results are appearing on the internet.

The new Pixel 3 is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, the same chip you can find in the Galaxy Note 9 by Samsung. The mighty processor is assisted by 4 GB of RAM while an Adreno 630 allows you to play the hottest games on maximum settings.

As usual, the latest iPhone iteration sports a new and improved processor.  The A12 Bionic chip offers six cores; two are used for intensive tasks while four energy saving cores will provide additional power when needed. The six cores run at 2, 49 GHz while a proprietary GPU handles games and other graphic-intensive apps.

The Geekbench 4 CPU test declared IPhone XS Max as an undoubted winner with a score of 4,816 while the Pixel 3 had only 2,393. In the multi-core part the XS is still a bit ahead of the Pixel 3 XL with a score of 11,584 to 8,312.

Apple also wins when it comes to the Geekbench graphic test as the XS Max reached an impressive score of 22,278 while the Pixel 3 XL came significantly lower at 13,845. Next on the list was an Antutu graphics intensive benchmark, where the Pixel 3 XL scored 248,546 points, while XS Max wins again with 363,687. A closer look into the detailed results showed that Google’s offering beats the iPhone only when memory performance is tested.

The next step was the Antutu HTML 5 test, where again iPhone XS Max reigns supreme with a score of 46,531 compared to  34,674.

The Octane 2.0 browser benchmark favors the XS Max at 43,220 while Pixel 3 had reached a meager 16,396.

As a final test, the GFXBench OpenGL’s 1080p Manhattan Offscreen test crowned the iPhone XS as an undisputed benchmark king. While the Pixel 3XL reached a laudable 83 FPS, the iPhone XS Max hit 120 FPS.

Google may offer a better camera with the Pixel 3 XL but the iPhone XS Max rules supreme when it comes to raw power.

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