UC Browser Download Available – Gives You Easier Access To Richer Content

Are you looking for a web browser to use for free on your Android device? UC Browser comes with data saving, fast download speed, and ad-block functionality. Besides these features and the fact that is entirely free to use, UC Browser provides a smooth experience while playing music, video and giving you cricket information.


You heard that right, UC Browser comes with a customized cricket feature which allows you to visit a lot of cricket sites to show support to your favorite team. Also, you can check out match scores and watch live cricket content.

I like trains

Who doesn’t? UC Browser’s designers know how important trains are and that’s why it allows you to check train status, ticket booking, seat availability and other train-related stuff. It is really nice to be informed, right?

Upgrade your web browsing

UC Browser uses a unique U4 engine developed by the browser’s developers which increases with 20% your experience. We are talking about improving your video watching experience, standard support, web connection, personal information security, store management, and stability.

Fast download speed

UC Browser’s servers stabilize downloads and speed them up as well. Even if you encounter interruptions or disconnections, UC Browser is perfectly capable of resuming the download from where its breakpoint. If you download faster, you will enjoy that file sooner.

Small window mode

UC Browser comes with a small window mode which you can use to move the video window apart from the webpage. Hang it on screen top as you shop online, chat with your friends or other such activities.

Ad Block and Data Saving

Last but definitely not least, the developers of this browser know that data is expensive, and that’s why they made UC Browser capable of compressing data while speeding up navigation. Also, you won’t be harassed by ads thanks to its blocking feature which lets you enjoy ad-free pages.

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