Fallout 76 Release Date with New V.A.T.S and Changes

The time we need to wait for the release of Fallour 76 is getting less and less. While that is happening, Bethesda decided that it would be nice for us to see how the war-ravaged West Virginia looks like. It would be great to know if the Vault-Tec Assised Targeting System is part of the game and how it works. More information was provided by Bethesda regarding how Fallout 76 will borrow some things from the Fallout 5 and some other things that are totally new and introduced expecially to this version.

As mentioned above, we know for sure that V.A.T.S is in the game. V.A.T.S can be considered one of the most unique aspects to Falloout combat. We can say that especially if we take a closer look at how it was when it was part of Fallout 3. The Vault-Tec Assised Targeting System is one great feature. The accuracy percentages display, the time slows, and the limb separate. What could you have asked for more? Many players have been wondering how this feature will be introduced in the online version of the game because the server does not really facilitate the slowing down od the game. However, according to Bethesda, the Vault-Tec Assised Targeting System will be available.

What is even more interesting is that even though we knew we could build bases in Fallout 76, is that we do not know if the permanency of those bases are granted. Are fears were allayed by Bethesda earlier this year and we know that that will not be a problem. The Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform will help players move their base, or to be more exact, rebuild it where they want.

We hope that this news about the Fallout 76 game will keep you excited until it gets released. Regarding that, the date is unknown.

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