Facebook Lite Beta Improves Speed And Reliability

Facebook Lite allows you to keep in touch with your family and friends more comfortable and faster. The purpose of this app is to connect with the world and keep up your social network.

Unlike the regular Facebook app, Facebook Lite beta is lightweight, which allows you to save vital storage space and it allows you to use it even in 2G conditions.

What does it offer?

Facebook Lite beta provides a lot of the features that became classic on Facebook. We are talking about liking photos, leaving comments, sharing to a Timeline, editing your profile, searching for people or joining groups.

Let’s talk about specific features

Facebook Lite envisions a way of adequately connecting you with your family and friends. You can post status updates to let others know how you are or feel. Facebook emojis can be used to help you convey what’s going on in your life. Your favorite memes or photos will be able to be seen by your friends as well.

When someone comments or likes your photos, you will get an instant notification. Planning a meeting was never more comfortable, thanks to Facebook Lite. Also, you will find social events from your area more accessible, and you can even RSVP.

Personal organizer

Besides helping you remain connected with your loved ones, Facebook Lite can be your organizer for sharing, saving or storing photos. Sharing photos can be performed straight from your camera, and this comes with full control over your privacy settings.

If you wish so, you can keep a photo just for you to see, and even make a completely private album to control who gets to look at it.

Remain informed

Besides photos and connections, Facebook Lite is ideal for keeping up with the latest news. All you have to do is follow your favorite sites, artists or brands and you will be caught up with everything new about them.

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