Become a Clash of Clans Dominator With These Tips

Resources should be collected frequently

Your total loot does not include a significant percentage of your resource collectors, but as you progress in the game, you will see that extra resources are always needed. For example, it takes 10,000,000 Gold to upgrade an Inferno Tower when you have it.

Join a clan

If you thought of playing Clash of Clans more than a few days, weeks or months than you should join a clan as it offers numerous possibilities and advantages. You will no longer see the game as you saw it when you were not part of a clan. Joining a clan gives you a big group of friends to choose from that are going through exactly what you live, and they can also help you improve your skills and teach you tricks.

Think of a strategy before you upgrade

Offensive and defensive items have received a different value which was given by Supercell. Depending on which ones you have your War Weight will be increased. The developer of the game uses this, so it positions the war and determines your target. No matter if they are spells, troops, traps, walls, heroes, or defenses, all and each one of them have different weights that after each upgrade will change. As you were once new to Town Hall 9, you might have upgraded your X-Bows, Wizard Towers, and Barracks first. The war weight that you achieved might have been many times more significant than the other ten used by another player. This happened because you chose to upgrade the most expensive ones first which wight more in the war. Keep in mind that if you are making the wrong choices, your clan will be affected as well. You are no longer on your own!

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