Clash of Clans October Update Comes With 25 New Goblin Maps

Not too much time ago, the founder of Clash of Clans, Supercell, showed us a few things about the next update for the game from this month. It was not sure from the beginning when we will get this update, but it has been officially confirmed that this is the month.

What we have also recently heard is that the new update will give us the opportunity to conquer 25 new Goblin Maps which will make for a total of 75 maps. If you are not sure what that is, a Goblin Map facilitates playing in a single-player form. It is the same game, but you can play it alone. Your gaming experience will be developed with these additional Goblin Maps if you do not like playing with a team.

At the moment you can only take advantage of the 50 maps as there is still a little more time to wait until those additional 25. This provides you with a stress-free way in which you can get better at the game and where you can feel good winning a lot of trophies.

If you successfully pillage Goblin Maps, then you will be awarded for your effort with Elixir and Gold. If you unlock the “Get those Goblins!” achievement, then you will get 35 additional gems. The fact is that you need to get 150 stars to do that. It means that each of your victories should be a three star one. Including the new 25 maps, there will be two new achievements added to the game. One of them will be “Get Those Other Goblins!” which has the same goal as the previous one we have talked about. The second is the “Dragon Slayer!” one where you need to conquer Dragon’s Lair. We do not know for sure if these two will reward you with gems.

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