Clash of Clans – Best Secrets You Should Know

1. You should always take revenge

It is impossible not to get attacked on Clash of Clans at least once when you are at your worst. However, you should see the right part of this situation, the fact that you have your advantages as well. After you have been attacked, you can seek Revenge. This strategy is very helpful as you can plan your attack before launching it and be sure that you will win as the other person does not know they will be attacked. Before attacking someone, you should check the location of their Town Hall and their storages to make sure that what you will steal from them is good for you. When seeking revenge, you should start with the farmers first and never attack someone who is online because it gives them the opportunity to respond and maybe you will not be the winner.

2. You have got your own elixir bank

We should start by telling you that you Barracks’ aim is not only to train your troops. What you can do to take advantage of it is to queue your troops while you are gone and when you come back, the elixir that was supposed to be used for them will return back to your storage if you choose to cancel the queued troops. What is our advice is to increase the level of your Wall Breakers and Barracks so you will have more Elixir protected this way.

3. 1250 trophies that are the primary goal

Everybody knows that if you reach three starts on the “Sweet Victory” achievement, you will be awarded 450 gems. What not everybody knows is that it is not that hard to accomplish. What you can do with your level 6 Town Hall or even lower, is to find villages that do not have a town hall inside their walls, but outside. This way it will be easier for you to take it down from which you will receive some trophies and a star. Many other players use this hack so make sure you choose your targets accurately if you want those gems.

4. Town Hall and Raiding level

You are familiar with the fact that you can steal many things from your opponent while you are attacking them, but the point is that there are many different factors that influence that. One important one would be their Town Hall level. When the Town Hall of your rival is the same as yours or one level higher than you can see a 100% on what you can get from them. The percentage rises with every level that your opponent is above you. For example, if they are two levels higher than you will get a 125% modifier and 150% modifier when it is three levels higher. When it comes to revenge, your opponent will receive 50% and then 25% modifier for each attempt to revenge you. With that being said, the most attractive Town Hall level to steal from is seven as it is not that easy to take down opponents that are on level nine with their Town Hall. What is great that your resources are safe.

5. The Lighting Spell gives you more advantages than expected

If you are not a big fan of the spells, that means that you consider Rage or even Jump your only solution. The disadvantage for these spells would be that they do not take a short time to be created and their price is quite expensive which does not suit every player’s pockets. However, the advantages would be that they offer gigantic strategic possibilities and are very powerful. Maybe the Lightnin spell is no longer in your sight because you are now used to bigger spells. The fact is that a 4+ star Lighting Spell can make a mortar at level 4 or 5 disappear. If a second mortar or a wizard tower has been placed by your opponent nearby, then you can take them out with two spells. If you use spells to erase the splash damage defenses than the remaining single target defenses will be shredded by your archers, barbs, and goblins, your horde troops.

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