Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Update – Experience-Changing Improvements

A new Clash of Clans update has been awaited by fans for months now. The last update was released in June, and it was focused on the Town Hall 12. New troops and levels for buildings were included besides other things. After this update, the founder, Supercell, decided that it is now time to focus on the quality of life that the Clash of Clans provides and improve it.

Based on what players are discussing on forums of the game, the developer revealed some clues about what we should expect from the next update. We still do not know when the update will be released but what it will include is more critical.

You might have hoped yourself for this improvement so let us say that you are finally getting it. Starting with the new update, you will be able to select your troops. Along with the beginning of each attack, you will be allowed to choose the troops you want instead of the default doing that. This improvement will also avoid the accidental misplacement of the troops as you might touch the map without wishing to do so. Based on information provided by the founder, you will no longer make such mistakes because you will choose the troops yourself.

Another experience-changing improvement is that if you want to watch a replay, you can do so with half speed now. This will allow you to see again what you did and correct your mistakes.

These changes are not huge, but the fact is that no matter their size, they are still changing your game experience and make it better. If you have any idea of what other changes you would like to see, make sure you mention them on forums. You never know when one of the apps developers will see it and include it in a future update.

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