The WhatsApp Video Calls Security Bug Comes with New Fixes

WhatsApp, the instant messaging app owned by Facebook Inc has come up with a solution for the bug its platform had. The bug would allow hackers to get hold of someone’s phone when they would answer an incoming video call.

After this announcement was made, The Register and ZDNet, two technology websites, came up with their reports as well. They suggested that this issue was being faced with due to the app’s vulnerability. This vulnerability did not only affect the security of the user but also how the app would work on both Android and Apple smartphones. This bug was discovered two months ago and fixed recently by Facebook.

Reuters received an email statement from WhatsApp which suggest that their main focus is to maintain the safety and reliability of WhatsApp by meeting with security researchers from overseas countries and receiving advice.

According to a person working for WhatsApp, there is no evidence that showed hackers good actually exploit the bug to do what they wanted.

A spokesman from Google has also mentioned that before getting the issue patched, the company did not know the bus was used in an attack.

However, a researcher at Google Project Zero, Travis Ormandy, who has also discovered the bug says that the deal id big.

He tweeted that by answering a call from an attacker, WhatsApp could be completely compromised.

More than 1.2 billion people from all corners of the world are using WhatsApp as a communication method and even commerce in numerous countries. Facebook acquired this service for $19 billion in 2014.

Last year Facebook suffered some security-related problems as well. However, the issues were fixed and now the app is safe for usage. What is great about this company is that they never let an issue unsolved.

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