Should we Expect Grand Theft Auto V to Come to Nintendo Switch?

Should we hope that GTA V will soon make its appearance on Nintendo Switch, the latest console of the popular video game company? If you think about it, a Grand Theft Auto game doesn’t really bring to one’s mind Nintendo-friendly images, given its violent gameplay that includes anything you could possibly imagine or not – theft, crime, drugs, violence and mayhem.

What should we expect?

Frist of all, we should maybe not expect something as good as the home console or PC versions of the Grand Theft Auto V. However, judging from a technical point of view, Nintendo Switch could most likely be able of handle the game. GTA V debuted back in 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and was later updated for the present-day generation. Nevertheless, it is obvious that its roots lie in the previous generation. Based on what we’ve seen so far from Switch, it is definitely capable of dealing with games from that time.

Let’s also not forget that Grand Theft Auto, after all, is not just any old game, but a huge art work which is being regularly updated. Because of this, we cannot stop ourselves from asking the question of to what extent a Switch port could play online? We know that maybe without GTA Online, the GTA V experience could easily appear to be somehow shallow on the Nintendo Switch, however, it would clearly still be worth having.

So what is Rockstar’s opinion about a possible Switch port?

Until now, unfortunately, we don’t really have too much information from Rockstar. The company has indicated that this could be a future project when the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, which is Rockstar’s parent company, mentioned something to Games Industry about the fact that the projects on Nintendo Switch have been successful so far. GTA V is the most profitable media property of all time, therefore we can clearly expect Take-Two to try to monetize it on Switch. Time will tell.

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