Clash of Clans Teaches you These Valuable Lessons

1. Everything gets healed by the time

Maybe you wake up to 75 raging barbarians that are followed by Mr. T who rides a pig, and your village is devoured by the fire from a dragon’s breathing. You would probably want to quit, but you know what? There is no need for that. Your village will heal itself anyways.

2. You can always fry a bigger fish

If you want to build a flawless clan, let us tell you that you can’t, and that is not the point. You do not need to compare with other people’s clans. You only need to be better than you were yesterday because nobody is perfect nor will ever be. Have fun with your clan and keep in mind that this is Clash of Clans’ aim.

3. Responsibility

Clash of Clans is not just an app you play while you are taking your dog for a walk. You are the chief of your own village which you are responsible for and consider you their protector. The helpless peasants need your help at all times so before ignoring a notification from them, think about the fact that you are their only hope.

4. You never get what you do not pay for

Do not settle for the basics of Clash of Clans. Save as many resources as possible, so you only get the quality stuff. If you think that one level of upgrade will not make a big difference, let us tell you that you are wrong. Think about a person who needs to decide between a brand T-shirt and a less expensive one. Do not you think that they would choose the more quality and more expensive brand T-shirt instead of sticking with the less expensive one that will last them for six months?

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