Generation 4 Pokemon on ‘Pokemon Go’ Will Have Some Major Changes

It has been a year since the first Generation 3 Pokémon from Hoenn region has been released on Pokémon Go.

Niantic, the Pokémon Go developer made public, on Tuesday, that a new version of Pokémon from Sinnoh region will be launched in Pokémon go with better and improved features.

The first Generation 4 Pokémon was made public in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in 2006 and had a huge success on Nintendo DS in Japan.

As all fans expected, Niantic and his team worked hard in order to bring changes on Pokémon migration, behavior and effectiveness. The team reported alternation to the weather which it will not have a big impact on the ratio which a Pokémon shows up. A new variety of Pokémon spices will come along in places such as parks and nature reserves as the player investigates the map and at unexpected times. CP and HP values are being adapted to improve the game experience.

The Pokémon that has a high defense and stamina in battles will have the chance to take down completely the adversaries. This is a major change since before the opponent just ran out of time. The stats of a Pokémon are represented mostly by the defense ability turning it into a competition between the trainers.

Niantic seems to make these changes in 4 Pokemon in order to give a chance to the trainers to play with more Pokémon and discover more abilities and also to prove that the old ineffective Pokémon can easily get more potential in battles with training.

There is still no release date for these changes but we are expecting them soon, maybe in the coming weeks.

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