Best Emulators to Access Your iOS Device on a Windows PC

Here is how you can access your iOS device on a Windows PC

Sometimes, you might want to access your iPad or iPhone from a Windows PC. In case you are still looking for a solution to that problem, we might help. Apps and other iOS features from Apple devices can be accessed on Windows PCs with a little support from emulators.

As every Apple user knows, with one account, they can switch from phone to tablet or other i-device, like iMac or MacBook. However, if you own several gadgets operated by iOS and a Windows PC, it can be more difficult to go from one device to the other.

Here are a few emulators that ease the access to iOS from Windows systems

Air Phone

This emulator allows you to look at the Apple device through the PC screen. Although you can look at the user interface, you won’t be able to use any app unless you download the Air framework. This emulator facilitates the user-Adobe AIR interaction.

This is one of the most commonly used emulator among iPhone and iPad users. It gives the possibility to plainly use the apps from iOS on Windows PCs, but also to develop new applications and see how they work through the user’s cloud storage.


A lot of iOS users and app developers count on this emulator for creating applications with cross-platform features and test them accordingly. Before choosing it, consider that it is not completely free if you want to use all of its characteristics, but the free version has many possibilities as well.

This is an alternative for, but it’s one of the best emulators you can find. It works fast, it’s trustworthy and reliable.


iPad users will love this emulator, because it lets them access the iOS device from Windows PCs. It is easy to use and free, but some apps might not work as smooth as you’d like.

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