The xCloud Project Centers Gaming on you

Everybody wonders just how the future of gaming will look like. Apparently, it will be a world where you will have your choice in terms of who you play with, what you play, when you play, regardless of your place on the map or on what you wish to play on. Some say that this vision of gaming evolution is shared with what happens in the music and movie industries.

This means that entertainment must be available on demand and it should allow you to access it on any screen. One of the key projects which will help to carry us to this future world is Project xCloud. Nowadays, the games you play are majorly dictated by your choice in the device. The state of the art global game streaming technology provided by Project xCloud will be capable of allowing you to freely play on any device you want without having to feel like you are locked to a certain device.

This future maker will empower you, the gamers, and it will place you in the middle of the gaming experience. In the end, Project xCloud looks to provide gamers, regardless of their preference in consoles or computers, with new choices for when and where to play while, at the same time, allowing players who use only their phones access to characters, stories and immersive worlds which they haven’t ever experienced before.

In order to turn this vision into reality, the designers of Project xCloud know that they have to make it easy for game developers to bring their concepts to the platform. Those developers who designed the more than 3000 games for the Xbox One today and those who will build the other thousands for tomorrow will be granted access across all devices by using the Project xCloud without any extra work.

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