iPhone XS Max Jailbreak of iOS 12 by Luca Todesco

iPhone XS Max has the first iOS 12 jailbreak done, a hacker confirming that Apple’s product is not 100% safe, as they’ve said.

The first jailbreak for an iPhone XS Max already been made for iOS 12, Italian hacker Luca Todesco managed to exploit Apple’s phone, along with its operating system. Luca Todesco is renowned for showing much evidence of how jailbreak can be done for multiple Apple products.

Now the Italian hacker said he also managed to make a jailbreak for iPhone XS Max with iOS 12, so we know that Apple’s operating system still has existing vulnerabilities. In the same way, we talk about the fact that the iPhone XS Max is not 100% secure by Apple, although the American company boasts the fact that it has very secure products.

iPhone XS Max now has the first proof of jailbreak for this model, but we will certainly see evidence from other hackers about its exploitation. Unfortunately, these confirmations of the iPhone XS Max jailbreak will not bring the needed software that can do this anytime soon.

That being said, even if for iPhone XS Max there is currently no jailbreak solution of iOS 12, there will certainly be some software in the future, but we will have to be patient until it appears.

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