Clash of Clans Quality of Life New Troops and Siege Machines Upgrades

The real Clash of Clan fans will rejoice at the hearing of this great piece of information. The release of the next update is only possible because of your thoughts of the game and accurate opinions. This is only natural since there are fewer things more important to a gaming company other than making its fans satisfied with their playing experience.

That is exactly why some fans brought it up to Supercell’s ears that there are some changes needing to happen so that the game’s quality of life will be improved. There is no surprise that the company took heed of the fans’ will and here is what you can find with the next update.

Siege machines became more special as your last deployment will become the automatic default for your game. If the Siege Machine has been used in your previous attack, then it will become default. However, if you choose to deploy Clan Castle troops instead, this action will become the default for your next attack instead.

When it comes to how you select the troops, the game won’t choose by default anymore. This way, you won’t deploy a troop unwillingly as you tap the screen.

Replays will be affected to, as the new ½ speed becomes available. Now you can see how you should have acted in more detail, so that you won’t make the same mistakes twice. The Grand Warden’s mode will now become able of being switched around, even if it acts as a healing aid.

From time to time it may need to take a fiver before it comes back in the game, stronger than ever. Relax, you can still toggle his mode so it can return from its journey through the wonder of dreams.

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