Xbox Two Console To Be Released Sooner

However, Microsoft has not given any release date for the Xbox Two – Project Scarlett console that is still in work and is supposed to challenge its rival PlayStation’s next gaming machine. On top of that, even the name of the project in unsure, naming it Xbox Two is questionable and unlikely, while Project Scarlett codename probably won’t make it onto the final product either.

It is a much-debated topic since either company released any big news on the next generation releases but when it does, the internet will explode.

Rumors and theories are made up frequently even if there might still be years away from the full launch, or a PS4 successor but a rumor says that information about Xbox Two – Project Scarlett will be shared later this year and the lunch will drop much sooner than anyone expected. Of course, these are just theories and there is not an authentic statement direct from the source, but we all like to keep our hopes high.

If recent reports coming from a leak shared on the 4Chan message boards, the new Justice League game released by Rocksteady will be a next-generation title, coming to Xbox 2, PS5 and PC. The new information supports the idea that a full reveal on the next Xbox console will be in 2019 meanwhile, the PS5 release date is expected to be announced for 2020, or even early 2021.

Receiving more about next-gen Sony and Microsoft consoles in early 2019 would certainly make for exciting reveals. Keep in mind that none of this is official information, but the Xbox X0 conference held in November could be the perfect platform for fans to learn more about the next Xbox console.  Xbox dropped a big hint during E3 2018 that two new consoles could be in the works, while Sony made sure nothing comes out without approval about details about the PS5.

According to Xbox executive Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb the big Xbox hint revealed on her blog called ‘ all-new Xbox hardware and accessories’ was her mistaken assumption and she explains that nothing will be reveal for Gamescom, but fans are not so sure what to believe.

Hiroyuki Oda, Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president recreantly revealed the decision of stopping the production of the PS Vita, as well as ruling out another handheld device meaning that PS5 will not have a handheld support. Knowing the success of the Nintendo Switch and the long time on the market, the system never reached its full potential. However, fans do not back up and still support Sony to try again on launching PS Vita.

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