Google Maps Update Brings Improvements for Commuters

A new update to the Google Maps app has added a separate Commute tab. A host of new features will now help commuters to optimize their daily commute as they are now able to create custom routes to work, receive updated traffic reports and other quality-of-life improvements.

The app now offers support for mixed-mode commutes, which need more than one mean of transportation, as the app is now able to tell you in real-time if any delays can appear, along with an accurate ETA.

If you need to use multiple vehicles, like buses, trains or trams, the app is also able to show you updates to public transport network, if you travel in one of the eighty countries that are currently supported, with more to come with future updates.

Since its release, Google Maps has dramatically changed the way in which many people travel. What made it useful from day one is the fact that it runs on your smartphone, and you do not need a separate device. The fact that the app itself and he updates are free also means that you don’t have to buy new map packs (some GPS makers sold memory cards with updated maps instead of offering them as a download on the web) every year.

The app is also available for iOS users, where it fights with the built-in Apple Maps for the best map app. The Maps app has learned many tricks from the Google Maps up, but many transitioning users still opt for the Google solution.

There is also great news for users that enjoy listening to music while traveling, as the app now offers integration for the most popular music apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, with more to come. You are now able to enjoy your content without having to quit the maps app, which is a useful addition that may attract even more users.

The update is available on the official app stores.

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