Breast Milk Directly from the Source is Best for your Baby

A new study notes that breast milk served from a bottle may not be as healthy as the one which is breastfeeding directly. Researchers have discovered that breastfed baby have a better weight in comparison to those that drink it from a bottle, especially if it is formula milk.

Even babies that were given milk that was pumped were a little thinner than those that went straight for the source. It was already known that breast milk is better than formula, but it seems that how it is fed also matters.

In many places around the world, women have to pump their milk when they return to work. This does not mean that pumping is a bad habit, as the milk is certainly better than formula alternatives.

One reason for which breastfeeding may be more effective is the fact that certain components in the mink may be damaged by the refrigeration process, losing a significant quantity of enzymes and hormones. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a baby should be fed directly from the breast for at least 6 months, and it should continue for as long as it is convenient after the baby becomes used to regular food.

The lack of a paid maternity leave may be a contributing factor in some places, and the use of refrigerated breast milk is a recommended choice.

The study showed that babies which were exclusively breastfed at the six months landmark achieved the healthiest weight by the age of one year. On the other hand, babies that received other types of milk at 6 months of earlier were three times more prone to become overweight in the first year of life.

Solid food also plays an important role and there a golden window between the fifth and seventh month of life during which it should be introduced. States should also do more in order to encourage breastfeeding at a national level.

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