Is iOS 12 Jailbreak A Possibility?

The days of glory are over for the jailbreaking community, but this does not mean that there is no hope left. The latest iOS versions were almost impossible to crack and that is because Apple has stepped up its security measures.

Developers managed to find exploits for iOS 11, and it appears that they managed to do something similar with the early beta versions of iOS 12, but Apple has fixed all those exploits. However, this does not mean that jailbreak for iOS 12 is impossible.

Exploit for iOS 12 beta 12

It appears that there is already some progress when it comes to iOS beta 12. A security researcher claimed to have found an exploit in the last beta version. According to Simon Ferrini, a researcher, the exploit was identified and he and his colleagues also managed to achieve kernel read/write access. We should receive the final build of iOS 12 later this month.

The announcement was made on Twitter, and some believe that Apple will manage to fix this issue before releasing the final version. Ferrini also added a video in which we can see an iPhone connected to a terminal session, proving that kernel read/write access was achieved. It is hard to say what will be the next move of Ferrini’s team. They might notify Apple, or they might keep the information for themselves without working to develop a jailbreak for iOS 12.

Additionally, many experts believe that it is unlikely to get an iOS 12 jailbreak, as Apple made some changes for this version. For example, iOS 12 will come with CoreTrust which will make sure that there isn’t fake signing, and all signatures must come from Apple. This was confirmed by Twitter user nullpixel, a member of the Electra team.

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