Google Play Store Version 24.7.14 Is Available to Download With Extra Improvements

Google is one of the most popular and successful tech companies of the moment.

Among its products, Google developed Android, which is also one of the top most used operating systems. Its true rival is Apple’s iOS, but the two types have different user bases, so they don’t address the same target customers.

Android was among the first “smartphone” operating systems. It appeared over a decade ago, and it was very different from how we know it today.

However, one thing was and still is definitory for a smartphone operating system – the app store. Android always had a means of downloading and installing new apps. First, it was Android Market. However, over time it got turned into the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store works in a very similar fashion. You open it and browse for apps. You can either choose one of the numerous featured, most popular apps, or you can browse for a particular app (or for a keyword) with the help of the search bar.

Installing an app is a very straightforward process – You find the app and tap the “install” button. You may need to sign in if it is a paid app or a locked app (by parental control).

From that point, the app goes on to install itself.

The Play Store receives occasional updates so that the developers ensure that it works flawlessly on all of the operating systems it runs on.

It just reached version 24.7.14, and the good news is that you don’t have to do a thing to update it, as it does it automatically.

The patch notes mention the operating systems that received the patch:

[0] – For all devices.

[5] – For Android Wear devices

[8] – For Android TV devices.

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