How To Design Your Game To Become Successful

The gaming industry is insanely booming, especially in the last ten-to-fifteen years. If you want to earn considerable amounts of money, designing your own game and uploading it on an online marketplace is a great idea.

The more people will download and play the game, the more successful you can become. Marketplaces like Google Play Store or App Store are loaded with games that users publish, which means that anyone who has the right skills can upload a game. Here’s where and how to start designing your game:

Think about the genre

The game’s genre will determine the audience. If you’re into sports, do a sports-based game. If you like racing games, come up with a racing title. How about a game based on general knowledge? The world sure needs more of such games, so build something that kids can use in the classroom to improve their knowledge.

Try to bring something unique

If you’re buiding a racing game, for instance, don’t let it be just another racing game. Come up with a wild idea, like adding politicians who will race each other in karts or futuristic cars. How about singers playing football or actors fighting each other in a Mortal Kombat-like game? It’s all up to you; use your imagination! Everybody hates predictable scenarios, don’t you?

Set up difficulty levels

Set as many difficulty levels as possible. If you’re thinking about a “legendary mode for masochists’, don’t hesitate to create it! People love extra challenges, and your game should be available for many difficulty levels to be extra immersive. Don’t worry, even for one moment that some players won’t be able to last too long at your highest difficulty level. They can switch one level lower anytime, and the challenge itself is the great motivator to keep returning to the game. Poki features some of the best games with insanely high difficulties.

Make non-clunky controls

There are a lot of games out there that have clunky controls. Every time you push a button, it takes a few fractions of a second for the result to take in. This is obviously annoying, especially when for advanced gamers or those who like to compete with others online. Therefore, you must make the controls of your game as smooth as possible. The insanely-popular title GTA V is an excellent example of a game that doesn’t involve clunky controls. 2 Player Games settings need proper game controls for best user experience.

If your future game doesn’t have the problems mentioned in this article, it will surely be successful. There are plenty of programming languages that you can use for creating a video game: JavaScript, Python, C++, and more. Arm yourself with patience, and don’t hesitate to start building the video game that will revolutionize the world!

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